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Seffner, FL 33583
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  • State of Florida Certified General Contractor CGC1512013
  • State of Florida Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector
  • Bachelors in Building Construction University of Florida
  • Masters in Business Administration University of South Florida
  • Over 30 years Construction Industry Experience
  • Home Inspection HI6051 10 years Experience
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     Our company is small and unfortunately my muscle issues and dyslexia, I can't help him. My son and husband work very hard for this company and I am so proud of their dedication to quality and honesty.

     My ceramic shop is on hold indefinitely.  I pray these muscle pains, spasms and cramping eventually get under control.  For the time being I am handicapped and not liking it at all.  My body was terribly abused the first half of my life and now I am paying the price.  Please pray for me and my family, that I can eat again and get my muscular pain and mouth pain under control.  Pain medications are very rough for me to take.  I am searching for a miracle so i can walk and do my art again. Thank you for checking out my website, it is painful to update these days.