My name is Lori and as a child I was told my name was a flower.  Might be the passion behind my love of flowers.  I am an Artist. I create in many ways such as pencil drawings, painting, shell art, ceramic masks, website deign, graphical art using photographs I take.   I have been exposed to a lot of art with the support of my mother, God rest her soul.  She was always helping with drafting tables, sewing machines, taking me to the drawing store, teaching me to cook. (cooking and art do relate)

I am an Amateur Extra Radio Operator, Dean and I have become hams and I love it.  We like to contest and we do everything together.  Either I am logging and he is calling or I am calling and he logs. My parents were together till death did they part, they were hams.  Mommy was K4KNX God Rest her Soul. Daddy is N4BZ so I took N4BZD so when he passes I just drop the D and take his call sign.  I am in no hurry it can take him a 20 more years.  Dean my sweetheart, took N4UFG for University of Florida Gator, he is such a Gator, but I love it.  www.N4BZD.com is my other website.

     I am the President of DLJ Enterprises, Inc.  I spend most of my spare time online designing my website here or working on my company DLJ Enterprises, Inc. When I am not sick. I do all the office work and marketing materials on top of taking care of my family.  My family consists of four dogs          
      Snoopy 7 yrs old Beagle,                             Blue 7 yrs old Italian Greyhound and 

  Corkey 2 yrs old my stubborn terrier             Cassy my Jack Russell  my Baby Girl

and 2 humans; one wonderful son Justin and a terrific husband Dean.

     Dean is the most considerate person I have ever met. He is my twin flame and my vice president of DLJ Enterprises, Inc.  His dream since he was a kid was to build and as his wife it is my job to help him get his dream.  He also has a dream to build us a home he designed in high school.  I plan on making that dream come true for him too.  He is my soul-mate and protector.  I am so blessed to have him in my life.  May everyone find love like this too.

​This is our company DLJ Enterprises, Inc. website
D-Dean L-Lori J-Justin  Enterprises, Inc. so we can do our own thing under one company.

 Dean is the best husband a woman could ever ask for. He has been there through sickness and now he gets to have a healthy wife soon, God willing. Dean Jacobson is a blessing in my life, he has really shown his loyalty, love and caring. He not only embraced me he loves my son so dearly and allowed me to finish raising him with his kind and generous heart as a role model. I ran from him in 1996. Thank you God for the second chance of happily ever after. Thank you Dean Jacobson for making me your wife, I am honored.

Justin John Welch my pride and joy, BFF, son and mentor.  I am so proud to have such a considerate, intelligent, loving man as my son.  I took a ton of shit from all my so called friends, about being too hard on my son.  You were all wrong, I was just right, never played games or counted.  I always followed through with my threats, if it came to that, never threatened anything I wouldn't do.  I always believe the punishment should fit the crime and be age appropriate.  I have always gotten compliments about his behavior when he was young.  I looked at it like this; what kind of man did I want to raise and with those answers raised him.  I also asked every man I knew or met simple questions that helped me determine my sons understanding, never wanting to underestimate him.  I never do and never have, he is far smarter than I could have imagined.  I raised him by myself, sorry men, even the daddy had no say.  I did allow their influence, took what they said in consideration but in the end, I was the only disciplinary and believe there should be only one, then everyone on same page.
March 25, 2000
Day we became a family
Justin John Welch

13 years 

30 years old
We are one seriously happy family!
Snoopy is a rescue from my family.
Blue is a rescue from my family.
Corkey is a rescue from a shelter.
Dean & I can't have kids, our dogs are our children.
1967 Born to a group of siblings who hate me, one tries to kill me repeatedly.
1970 Moved off mountain in NY to Florida, 2 brothers left who abuse me.
1978 Nightmares I will lose my mother before I become an adult.
1980 Mom is diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and told she will die
1983 crazy guy at school pulls gun at me then kills my friend that night..
1984 Raped by ex who broke my heart then attacked me year later.
1985 Mother died, got GED, Dad remarried mean people and I became Homeless
1986 was living in my car that broke down Married Wrecker driver,
1987 Birth of my baby boy One good events
1988 Moved away from my family so my husband can have more control.
1990 Start college with impressive ACT scores, learn I have test anxiety fail out of college.
1991 Miscarriage lost baby girl never had another correct period again
1992 Surgery found cervical cancer complete Hysterectomy on 6th anniversary
1993 Amalgam found, metal toxicity and I have Oral surgery to remove all molars  
1994 Laparoscopy for adhesions from Hysterectomy
1996 Divorce Wrecker driver he never treated me right
1996 Met Dean and ran back to wrecker driver, thought I did not deserve such a great man
1997 Laparoscopy for Gallbladder, so bad gangrene set in
1997 More oral surgery to remove teeth, bad partials
1998 Leave wrecker driver move to TN to start fresh son says I need not stay for him.
1998 Get raped on job where I had no comp 6 months before I can work in computers.
1999 Get another crazed gun man in my life, flee to TX son is my hero.
1999 Best job worst area, step family hates me more than real family besides Don
2000 Married Dean my twin flame good event 2
2000 Laparoscopy for adhesions and appendix 
2001 Major dental work to give me bridges to hold partials
2002 loss of appetite and sick all the time, throwing everything up
2002 Surgery on stomach blockage in intestines 88 pounds 2 days on IV before surgery
2002-current; Terrible Digestion disorder sick all the time, loss of appetite
2005 Start psychiatrist and therapy, because of family, learn I have PTSD from the abuse
2009 Anne /sister/ Godmother kills my dog with her antics against me
2009-2013 Menopause again, reduction of hormones caused it to happen again Crazy train.
2009 doctor gets my hormones correct 
2011 Oral surgery to get Implants all top teeth pulled 
2012 Dr. Kinzler messes up my mouth and I go running to a good dentist
2012 Father Plays Anne’s game, time I cut out the abusers, bullies and users even if it is daddy.
2012 Complete mental breakdown by Christmas due to family shit AGAIN/LAST TIME
2011-2013 lack of meat causes Amino Acid depletion, causing more insanity. Taking supplements
2013 Forgive everyone who done me wrong, time to block and forget, like I never knew them.
2013 Dental nightmare continues, Pain and the implants hurt all the time, not supposed to.
2014 Terribly sick and praying that we get it all taken care of, looking at throat surgery.
2014 November 17th My husband Dean fell off a roof and landed in TGH for 3 weeks.
2014 Strep was not treated correctly and now I Have high strep titers 650 instead of 200
2015 Dr. Wu decides to use all he learned against me what a great psychologist.
2017 Seizures because my brain is short circuting

My life I wish upon no one! I am healing every day
This is my Story and I am sticking to it.