Lori Provost Jacobson

Thank you for visiting my website.

This a place where I get to express myself.  I made this for myself to keep myself up with webdesign.


Welcome to my website 

July 2017

Today we learn that my brain is short circuiting and it is causing my seizures.  I am have horrible seizures or catatonic state.  It is so embarrassing I jerk and can't stay still, I was never this way.  I have always been someone who does not bounce my knee or have any nervous ticks.  Today it can get so bad that I feel for Michael J. Fox, I look like that and I get breaks and just bounce knee.  

I have restless leg syndrome that is really bad, it controls my life to some degree. Between this and my anxiety, I fear leaving my house.  I am struggling with two bacteria, praying every time we do the blood test that I am low enough to get off the antibiotic.  The antibiotic I have been on since 2013, so sad how sick I have gotten. 

I finally got my Amateur radio license, I am an Amateur Extra. Got my Technician in May and General and June and Extra July.  My father is N4BZ and I am N4BZD  D for daughter, if he passes before me I want to take his call sign N4BZ so just adding a letter so I can take off. I joined a repeater club and find I struggle talking on the repeater.  I however did really enjoy Field day and contesting now that I am an Amateur Extra time to learn CW now.

Dean is doing great and has bounced back very well, 3 years later you could barely tell.  He does have a bit of a limp but that is also working out.  The way he fell on his left butt cheek is a bit flattened, not kidding he squished hi butt.  I am loving that he is still alive and able to get back to regular activity and no more DVT;s.

I am finally trying to get out, worried all the time about my seizures. I pray they don't happen when I am away from home.  Especially since I have been getting out more often.  Still have them every night some way some how.  Some times violent jerking all over, I jump in be because I am right here.  I get a sign, my son calls it psychic seizures that happen just before, usually in the sign of horrible rage. 

My 88 year old father is now living with me and I am trying to get him taught Braille.  I have had him in class at the Light House for the Blind.  I also have him on audio books and his computer.  Once he can read braille better and able to use a braille display he can really take off with his writing..

Meanwhile I am doing what I can and learning to live with disabilities.
Peace be with your spirit!
God Bless!
Every day I am alive is a pray answered. 
 I have trouble moving, sitting and some times even breathing.
I have good days and bad days.  My health will always be a challenge for me. I have to be mindful that Doctors may not completely understand me, BUT they NEED to listen to me, I know best about my health.

I am scared but I do realize that I have much to be thankful for. I am thankful I no longer have blood suckers in my life.  I am no longer being abused by family and friends, I am TOXIC free.
  Only loving caring people in my life and my Church I grew up in is embracing me.

Thank you God for your protectors, St. Rapheal and St. Michael to protect me from evil and stand by me in my times of need. 
 God has been so good to me by giving me my soul mate and he is taking such great care of me.
 I have everything in order if I do die and pray God has more work for me here.
Go Gators!